Arqueologías del Ahora 

(Archaeologies of Now)
Online Art Laboratory
In collaboration with @glomlab  
Colombia 2020

Creative writing and sculptural laboratory with the use of trash. Based on the concept of Critical Making, on narrative speculation, simulation, mapping and prototyping. An online space for a house exploration during the pandemic lockdown.  An invitation to think- together while digging in our well kept secret trash.

Archaeology is like openinig a book about human activity in an inteligible language. The book is the earth and the language is landscape and material culture. As a science, it has clear methodologies, however, while studying it, I stayed with the idea of the archaeologist’s abduction and imagination as fundamental ingredients for the creation of a narrative.  A dear teacher use to say “We are deeply described by the relation between what we throw away and what we put on an altar”.
Archaeology’s chronological elasticity allows us to play to call her science fiction, chronicle, or detective novel. What would someone from he future say about us by studying our trash? How much of our economic system and our intimacy can be described by waste?  What other kinds of world can we imagine through the interpretation of our  trash? Is it possible to imagine economies with different politics about waste? Is it possible to create new economic transactions with the use of waste? What is the importance of waste in our production cycles?

To see the complete “results”: