Essay on Violences 

Video collage
Arnhem 2019
Camera: Gabrielle Cinti and Andrea Elera
Edited by: Lina Bravo Mora  

In the context of 2019 social uprisings against police brutality in Bogotá Colombia, this video collage is a material and visual exploration of the embodiments of violence in different living scales, using youtube material on the failures of the Hidrohituango damn (Antioquia, Colombia),  river floods, volcano eruptions, and police brutality. Those images are entangled with clay and somatic exploration around the elimination of shape as a form of violence, the release of anger, and the dropping of full weight on top of vulnerable clay bodies. In this essay on Violences, I embody a body with power ejecting violence on other clay bodies, while grieving the brutality ejected in the Colombian civil population for more than 70 years of armed conflict and the late narco paramilitary state opression.

“The ecological image encourages a different relationship with the world: one in which the paranoia of absolute knowledge is replaced with a respect for some unreachable heterogeneity and alterity. In that etymological shift, the ecological image uses the ellipsis that it opens up for more generative and creative ends. Henceforth to exist on the earth is not to manage or own it, but to participate in the dissing adventure of matter.” (Lavery, 2019 pp. 262)