Fuego Fire Vuur 

Video of Pit Fire 
Arnhem 2020
in collaboration with: K37 (Kunstwerkplaats Arnhem) and Ro Buur
Edited by: Ro Buur 

From ancient times fire has gathered people around its transformation properties; it provides heat, food, and stories. Fire is a crucial element in the ceramic process due to its energetic input to transform organic and fermenting clay into an inert silica crystallized material called ceramic (earthenware, stonerware, porcelain). 

Pit firing is probably the first pottery firing technique known to humans. I initiated this Pit Fire during the first lockdown in 2020, with fellow sculpture masters Piet, Niels, and Mark. It became an important space to gather artists and neighbors after months of fear and isolation. During the preparations and in the actual 16 hours of firing, we shared stories, transformed clay bodies, cooked, and transformed and warmed ourselves too.