Dear reader, Dear observer,
queridos ojos y oídos que me ven y escuchan
Dear eyes and ears that see me and listen to me

Welcome and thank you for being here, spending these precious minutes of your life in front of yet another screen. I want to share something with you, I have not yet found a way to ultimately tell this story. But while I work on a more extensive writting I have decided to work on a collection of verbs to name an unearthing and grieving ritual for my abuela/grandmother Inés who died last December in Bogotá, Colombia.     

This digital space is a display of a mouring ritual I activated in January, 2022.
The site map is simple. When you are done with these words, go back to the main page and there you will find a map of words. You are invited to choose a path for you between them.

Just click anywhere you feel interest and see where it takes you.

Last invitation:
I dream of inviting someone who may resonate with these images, movements and dialogues to create chants and soundscapes that may build an atmosphere and a universe to bring me and you, reader, listener and observer closer, from the heart, to clay, to the creek, to the cold high andean wind, to the depths of the cordillera, to the bowels of the earth.

Maybe today, this collaborator could be you if you choose to.
Will you hum or chant to whoever you lost?
Will you breathe loud? Will you sight?
Will you find a song you want to play while you witness this ritual?
Will you repeat some words?
Will you cast an earthbound spell?

Next time I will provide you with some clay and water to play with me. I promise.

Thanks for your attention and choice to be here,

Muddy yet warmly,