a new layer of meaning
a new layer of colonisation
a new layer of privilege and complexity
que ahora aparte de traducirme al español, me toca hablar inglés. 
I’m part of the first 
generation of migrants out
of the territories
I’m layering my body and
the earth that holds me,
with words, 
basically to learn them,
to be able to name this that 
happens inside. 

This is an entanglement
between human,
digging and unearthing as a method of inquiry 
a complex entanglement.

I’m part of the first generation of migrants out of the territories, 
the dream was that moving away from war to the city would save us, and give us more opportunities (and it did)
and then, the goal continued bringing me to the north, saving me from the monstrous city,
taking me away of what is that is alive in stones
the north feels like these word structures,
like english se enreda en las comisuras de mi boca 
mouth- english words- not matching.
I miss the land and the bonds
that sustain me alive
and make sense to be sustained by me.

I feel free when I’m far,
and yet landless,
kind of speechless. 
there is some fierceness that I feel leaves me 
when I try to work and live far from my mountains.

How does this feel to other people? can clay be supportive in migratory contexts? 

Let these words be spells to fill English with real earthy weight so while I speak I feel my truth.